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Milanos Tavern - Victoria

Milanos Tavern

Melbourne, Victoria

Heatray Heated Umbrellas, Heatray IRH-E ULG, LED Lighting


Celmec has recently completed an installation on the Brighton beachfront in Victoria, Australia. The location of this project is Milanos Tavern, one of Brightonís oldest landmarks.

The courtyard at Milanos boasts extraordinary panoramic views of the beach, which patrons enjoy during summer. In order to make the space more usable when the temperature drops and the Victorian winter weather sets in, four of Celmecís Heatray Heated Umbrellas were installed into the outdoor area with Celmecís new Heatray IRH-E ULG heaters and LED lighting.

In order to cover the space effectively two CS38, one CR53 and one CR45 umbrellas were erected, and fitted with weather accessories to provide extra protection. Celmecís new Heatray IRH-E ULG have been redesigned to emit less visible light than previous models, while maintaining the same heat output and energy efficiency.

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